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University choir


Academic music at the University of Rostock is an integral part of Rostock’s cultural life. The university’s choir and orchestra allow students and lecturers but also other interested persons to live their creativity.


Logo Student cabaret

Student cabaret

The student cabaret ROhrSTOCK was founded in 1970 by Dr Wolfgang Dalk and some student teachers of the University of Rostock. Thus, it celebrated its 39th anniversary in January 2009 and is Germany’s longest performing student cabaret!


Student club

Student clubs

No idea where to go tonight? You have you seen all cinema movies, find theatre plays exhausting and do not feel like hanging around with friends, do not like the people in the pubs? There is something against boredom Rostock, and its students in particular, can offer: Student clubs – THE alternative from, with and for students.


The Studentenwerk Rostock provides creative offers for students as well as staff members of the University of Rostock outside the studies.


  • französisch
  • spanisch
  • polnisch
  • russisch
  • chinesisch
  • arabisch

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