28th September 2022


9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Tanja Auge
(Universität Rostock)

Teilnehmerzahl / Number of Participants

7 to 14


Room 201 (PC-Pool), ITMZ, Albert-Einstein Straße 22



Target Audience

LaTeX beginners

Participation Fee*

free of charge


Please bring your own notebook!

Course Description

The course “Introduction to LaTeX" offers an introduction to the text typesetting system LaTeX. LaTeX documents always consist of a set of different files. First, an input document is written in pure text with certain LaTeX commands in a text editor and then generated as a PDF document. The structure of such an input document is the focus of this course. In the course of this workshop, a personal template should be created which can be used for longer reports or essays, your own dissertation as well as scientific articles.


- Installation of the TeX-Editor (supervised homework)
- Introduction to ShareLaTeX
- Introduction to the LaTeX development environment „TeX-Maker"
- General structure of a LaTeX file
- Introduction to the different LaTeX document classes
o "Article" (scientific articles),
o "Report" (term papers, reports),
o "Book" (dissertation and books)
- Font types and sizes, colors, text alignment
- Page layout
- Creating short mathematical formulas, tables and enumerations
- Integration of images and graphics
- Creating and integrating a bibliography via Thebibliography and BibTeX
- Creating and embedding preambles
- Use of a predefined template

Information about the Lecturer

  • Research Assistant at the Chair of Database and Information Systems, Institute of Computer Science, University of Rostock
  • Many years of experience in teXing student and scientific papers

Previous Participants about the Course (in German)

"Extensive presentation of the program, lots of opportunity for independent application incl. exercises, very friendly and helpful instructor."

"The pace at which the content was brought close was appropriate. The opportunity to implement the commands on the computer during the course itself was very helpful for understanding."

"The instructor was very patient. She took a lot of time to answer the questions asked. The atmosphere was very good because of the group size and the sympathetic instructor."

"The templates provided are very helpful. I liked the lecturing style or manner of the lecturer very much."

"The step-by-step explanation of the commands, so that one could test them simultaneously on the computer."

"Direct application with examples and exercises "

*Conditions for Participation

Members of the Graduate Academy can use their virtual member budget to cover the course fees. The registration for the workshop is binding. Our conditions for participation apply.