22th and 29th October 2021



9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Birgit Lukowski, Suedstern-Grafik, Berlin


Number of Participants

7 to 12





Course Language




Target Group

Doctoral candidates and postdocs


Participation Fee*

150,00 €

Course Description

As a major aspect of academic publishing, posters are an integral part of almost every scientific conference. Their purpose is to highlight and visualise research results as effectively as possible and invite discussion.
Specially tailored to the requirements of scientific presentations, the workshop focuses on the conveyance of design and presentation skills and on the practical training how to apply these skills for an effective communication.
The first part of the workshop covers the key principles of design and layout techniques such as typography, colour, proportional balance, visualisation and the use of grids and columns. Participants also learn how to conceive and develop a clearly structured poster by reducing the scientific content to the most significant points.
The second part takes essential presentation skills into focus, e.g. main aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication, dramaturgy and structure, clarification and reduction.
The workshop is rounded off with the preparation and training of short poster presentations, video recording and constructive trainer and group feedback.

In this course you have the chance to improve the exposure of your content:
Please bring text and visual material on your research topic or posters that you have already designed in order to work on them in the workshop. Moreover, you need PowerPoint (optionally Open Office).

Contents & Topics

22.10.2021 | Part 1: Concept and Design of Effective Academic Posters
poster – the visual tool | content structure | key principles of poster design: typography, colour, composition, image and visualisation | professional layout technique | the use of grid and columns | handling poster templates | poster practice session and poster evaluation


29.10.2021 | Part 2: Effective Poster Presentations
interplay poster design & oral presentation | interacting with visual aids | defining objectives and clarifying the main message | dramaturgy, opener & close | verbal and nonverbal communication | short poster presentation with video recording | feedback

Information about the Lecturer

Birgit Lukowski is a communication designer, workshop trainer and lecturer for presentation techniques at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.


Her workshop formats for the visual design and presentation of research projects, which are specially tailored to young academics, have been offered and successfully carried out for many years and nationwide at numerous graduate academies and colleges.


Previous participants about the course:

"The way the course was conducted was very pleasant! The advice given was also extremely helpful. Thank you very much!"


"I really liked that the lecturer asked for a 3 minute pitch from the participants at the end of the workshop. She additionally videotaped these pitches and played them to us after everyone had finished. This gave each participant the opportunity to see themselves speaking again."

"The group was very interested in discussion, which the lecturer supported. This resulted in an increased learning effect."

"I particularly liked the open atmosphere and the good preparation of the lecturer."