Administrative structure

Central university administration

Colleagues of the University of Rostock’s central administration (ZUV) dedicate themselves, in cooperation with scientists, students and all employees, for a lively university between the poles of tradition and future. We would like to be a competent and modern service provider for the university as a whole. For students, we bundle the resources needed for supporting their studies. The scientists shall work on their research and education tasks; we support them by offering needs-oriented administration services. Prospective students, applicants, partners and guests of the university are supported by us with information, advice and finding competent contact persons.

All staff members of the central university department committed to the principle of legal certainty and efficiency. We work responsibly within the university’s financial, personal and infrastructural framework of actions and ensure that all players remain capable.

The Central University Administration (ZUV) comprises of the chancellor as head of ZUV, the staff units of the chancellor and four departments: The chancellor manages the Central University Administration.

The staff units Appointment, Work Safety, Internal Audit and Organisation Development support the chancellor with fulfilling his/her tasks.

The department Academic Affairs (D1) is the contact point for students during their studies and doctorate, the application for third party funds and for bodies and elections.

The department Budgetary Affairs (D2) is the contact for building and operating the budget, human resources budget included, grant management, procurement and travel arrangements, teaching assignments and service contracts.

The Department Technology, Construction, Property (D3) is the contact point for new constructions and renovations, the cleaning and maintenance of buildings and green areas and especially in cases of emergency and crisis.

The Department for Human Resources and Human Resource Development (D4)  is contact point for the selection and employment of staff and for all human resource issues of all employees.

The organization chart of the Central Administration Department displays the contact persons of the ZUV in an overview.