Department financial controlling (D2.5)


postal address
Universität Rostock
Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung
Dezernat 2 Haushaltsangelegenheiten
18051 Rostock

office address
18055 Rostock
Schwaansche Str. 2
Altbau, 1. OG, Raum 103

Fax: +49 381 498-1502

The Department 2.5 - Financial Controlling - is your contact point regarding Performance-oriented Distribution of Funds (LOM), third-party fund statistics and calculating overhead rates. The department reports on various financial basics of the university and issues cost and performance accounting (KLR) of the university. You may also contact us on questions regarding various finance-specific key lists, like type of cost directory, funding agency list and title plan. 

Dr. Heidrun Jander

head of department

  • Performance-oriented distribution of funds (LOM)
  • Cost and performance calculation (KLR)
  • Index on cost types, cost centres, funders, and title/action Groups
  • Overhead rates
  • Performance overview for applications, a. o. research sabbatical semester, benefit receipts, senior professorship
  • Internal university statistics

Kerstin Arth-Zühlke

official in charge

  • Inventarisierung immaterieller Vermögensgegenstände
  • Controlling tasks
  • Internal university statistics

Maike Giese

official in charge

  • Internal university statistics
  • controlling tasks