Department procurement (D2.3)


postal address
Universität Rostock
Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung
Referat 2.3 Beschaffung
18051 Rostock


office address
18055 Rostock
Schwaansche Str. 2
room 311

Fax:  +49 381 498-1531


Informations about granting orders

granting orders

The department 2.3 - Procurements supports and accompanies need positions of the University of Rostock with purchasing goods and ordering services in compliance with all procurement law requirements and the University of Rostock’s procurement directive. The goods are inventoried after implemented purchase. The staff members are pleased to support you with questions on project operation. 

Mathias Evert

head of department (Lz. D2.3)

  • Fundamental matters of the department
  • Planning, procurement and reporting of scientific large-scale devices
  • Procurements out of special programs (EFRE, stimulus package)

Anne Bade

Official in charge

fon: +49 381 498-1535
representation: Martin Klook, Mathias Boelter​​​​​​​


  • Procurement of scientific equipment 
  • Implementation of EU-wide and national procurement procedures

Martin Klook

official in charge

  • Procurement IT technology
  • Implementation of national procurement procedures 
  • Framework contract controlling

Mathias Bolter

official in charge

fon: +49 381 498-1537

representation: Anne Bade, Martin Klook

  • Procurement of services (incl. contracts for work and services)
  • Implementation of EU-wide and national procurement procedures

Roswitha Hinz

official in charge

  • Responsible for initial installation planning of the entire construction process
  • Planning relocations
  • Procurement furniture and media technology

Ellen Stöbe

official in charge

fon: +49 381 498-1534 
representation: Roswitha Hinz

  • General procurement of learning and teaching materials
  • Procurement furniture and media technology

Jana Rüsch

official in charge

  • Administration of movable property (inventory)

Ilona Viergutz

official in charge