Department Human Resource Service (D4.1)

The department Human Resource Services oversees all human resource matters of nine faculties of the university area and all 2300 employees - from student to professor. We do not only accompany the staff recruitment and take care of the legal basis of the individual employment, but also support regarding all personnel planning matters in change and restructuring processes and conflict situations. We also intend to harmonize the interest of the individual staff members with those of the university.

Christine Radtke

head of department (Lz. D4.1)

  • Human resource matters
  • Staff recruitment
  • Legal bases of employment relationships
  • Personnel planning
  • Support in case of restructuring processes and conflict situations
  • Process responsibility Team Management

Bärbel Kruse

Deputy head of department

  • Central University Administration
  • Rectorate
  • Process responsibility Team Management
  • University and Quality Development