Higher education entrance requirements for Syrian citizens (full-time courses)

A residence title (Aufenthaltstitel) is required to study in higher education.

C1 level German language proficiency is usually the language requirement, although this depends on the criteria for the specific courses. A one-year intensive language course or 900-1200 contact hours are usually required to reach the C1 level.

You can find information about preparatory language courses here.

The C1 language proficiency level is required to study medicine. An overview of the courses and the required certificates of German language proficiency are available from the Student's Office.

Any who has an overall grade of at least 70% on their general university entrance certificate (Abitur) is entitled to study at the University of Rostock. If you have a science-based certificate, you can apply for any subject. If you have an arts-based certificate, you can only apply for humanities, law and social science subjects. The application procedure is handled by uni-assist, a service centre for international student applications.

Preparatory College (Studienkolleg)

Applicants who have 60 to 69% on their certificate must first attend a preparatory college for one year. Students who have already studied for one year or more at a state-recognised university in Syria can also apply directly for a course in Rostock (subject-related university entrance qualification). If limited teaching has taken place this year because of the civil war, we recommend that you attend a preparatory college.

A language proficiency level of at least B1 is required for admission to a preparatory college requires, which is tested by an entrance test.

There is the following preparatory college in Mecklenburg Vorpommern:

Studienkolleg Wismar

Master's course

Applicants who have already studied for four or five years at a state-recognised university in Syria, who have completed their course and can demonstrate the necessary language skills (German and, if necessary, English) can apply directly for a Master's course. In this case, the same rules apply as for international applicants. The application process is run by uni-assist. There is more information available HERE.


Rostock International House offers prospective students the opportunity to have certificates reviewed at one-to-one appointments. The application documents should be submitted to the Student's Office as soon as they are complete. The application documents are sent from the Student's Office to the individual faculties and then checked. It takes a lot of time to check certificates, so it makes sense to submit all your certificates as soon as possible, even if you do not yet have the required language proficiency. The language certificate must then be submitted at a later date.

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We are also happy to arrange individual appointments outside of these office hours. Please send enquiries to: refugees(at)uni-rostock.de


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