MINT Summer Academy 4 Refugees

+++ This year with online lectures! +++

Period of time 28. September - 23. Oktober 2020
Place University of Rostock, Südstadtcampus
Target group refugees who applied for a study programme in the winter semester 20/21 at University of Rostock in the following fields: Computer Science, Engineering or Natural Sciences
Aplication Period 01. May 20 until 16. August 2020
Language German (at least B2 GER)
Fees none (if an accommodation (Hostel) is needed then the cost has to be paid by the applicant)

Programme & Information

The MINT Summer Academy 4 Refugees is an opportunity for refugees who are applying to study one of the MINT subjects (see FAQs) at the University of Rostock, or who wish to continue their studies to prepare specifically for studying in Germany.

Introductory lectures and tutorials with lecturers in computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and chemistry, give future students insight into their subject areas.

The events are supported by tutors from the Language Centre of the University of Rostock. Future students learn technical terminology, as well as strategies for dealing with linguistic challenges by following the methodical approach in lectures and seminars.

At the MINT Summer Academy, the participants get to know the campus of the University of Rostock, meet students and familiarise themselves with the University's institutions and the student union (Studierendenwerk).


How to apply

You can apply for the MINT Summer Academy using the online form below. Please note that we only have a limited number of places available. Please therefore briefly state your motivation for applying, so that we can select the right participants. Please also send your CV.


MINTSA Application


What are MINT subjects?

MINT subjects are all subjects in the fields of Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Science and Technology.

Are there any costs I have to pay to attend the MINT Summer Academy?

No. The MINT Summer Academy is free of charge.

Can I earn credit points (ECTS) by attending the MINT Summer Academy?

No. It is not yet possible to earn credit points for future studies.

I would like to start studying next year. Can I still attend this year's MINT Summer Academy?

No. The MINT Summer Academy is only aimed at people who want to start studying MINT subjects in the coming winter semester. However, there is another MINT Summer Academy planned for next year.

Does the MINT Summer Academy include a German language course?

No. Language preparation for the events is planned again for the upcoming MINT Summer Academy. Language level B2 is a requirement for the Summer Academy.

I don't live in Rostock yet or don't know if I will be living in Rostock in September. Can I still attend this year's MINT Summer Academy?

Yes. We provide free hostel accommodation for participants who are not resident in Rostock at the time of the MINT Summer Academy.

I am starting a MINT course in the coming winter semester, but not at the University of Rostock. Can I still attend the MINT Summer Academy?

Yes. The MINT Summer Academy is open to anyone who wants to start their MINT course in the coming winter semester, regardless of where they are studying. However, the offer is primarily aimed at prospective students of the University of Rostock. These will be given priority in the selection process.

How are participants selected? What requirements do I have to meet?

Minimum requirements for attending the MINTSA are:

  • Application for a MINT subject to start in the coming winter semester
  • Proof of language level B2 in German GER
  • Intention to participate in the whole MINTSA programme
  • Letter of motivation & CV

I'm an international student and I don't have refugee status. Can I still apply?

The MINT Summer Academy is primarily aimed at students with a refugee background who are starting a course. International students can also apply, but students with a refugee background will have priority.



Refugee Office

E-mail: mintsa.rihuni-rostockde

Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498 1701