International Services

Rostock International House

The metamorphosis is complete. After a two and a half year project phase, the Akademisches Auslandsamt (AAA) of the University of Rostock has been rebranded as Rostock International House (RIH). The RIH, which was launched in October 2013 with the opening of the now highly successful tandem-program, developed to an event platform of the AAA by creating a number of new event formats. So what impact does the rebranding have? The key activities in the area of ​​International Affairs are preserved, with the work of the RIH being divided into the sections of Incoming  (supporting international students) and Outgoing (advising local students and doctoral candidates who are interested in going abroad). The newly established event section of the RIH organises traditional events such as the International Day and the Xmas-party as well as the tandem-program which promotes exchange between local and international students at the University of Rostock in sharing languages and cultures. In addition, the RIH strives to actively support projects and activities of scientists in international exchange.

Welcome Center & Global Café
The Welcome Center & Global Café was developed as a first port of call for foreign doctoral students and visiting scientists. The Welcome Center provides assistance in finding accommodation and language courses, and information on topics such as work permits and immigration law. There are plans to set up a joint Welcome Center with the city of Rostock and Rostock University.