Guidelines by the Federal State and State Agencies

As of today new guidelines apply for the everyday life in Germany. Please follow these guidelines!

1. Members of the public are required to reduce their contact with people other than the members of their own household to an absolute minimum.

2. In public, as far as possible, they must keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres, preferably two metres, from all those other than those mentioned in point number one.

3. Visiting public places is only permitted alone, with one other person who does not live in your household, or when accompanied by the members of your own household.

4. Travel to work or to provide emergency care, shopping for essentials, doctors’ appointments, attendance of meetings, necessary appointments and examinations, assistance for others or sport and exercise individually out of doors, as well as other necessary activities will, of course, still be possible.

5. Groups meeting for parties in public areas, homes and private institutions are unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country. Compliance with social distancing is to be monitored by the authorities responsible for public order and the police, and violations will be penalised.

6. Restaurants and cafés are to be closed. This does not include the delivery and collection of food that can be taken away and consumed at home.

7. Service providers in the personal care sector such as hairdressers, cosmetics studios, massage salons, tattoo parlours and similar establishments are to be closed, because physical proximity is unavoidable in these professions, and this is not in line with the guidelines we have put in place for ourselves. Necessary medical treatments will still be permitted.

8. It is important that all enterprises, particularly those open to the public, adhere to the hygiene regulations and implement effective protective measures for staff and visitors.

9. These measures will apply for at least two weeks.

These guidelines enable everyone, wherever they live, to know what is expected of them. Everyone needs to organise their movements and their lives in accordance with these clear stipulations for the coming weeks.