The appreciative greeting of a fellow begins with the announcement of the upcoming stay at the University of Rostock. We would like to ask you to announce the stay of guest researchers who are already invited to Rostock. Subsequently, we will include the details in the list of fellows at the University of Rostock.

Please complete the online form below. In order to put a face to the fellow´s name, in the form, we also ask you to submit a photo under 'Fellow / guest'.

In addition, there is the possibility to announce planned public events that will take place during the guest stay via a specially created calendar of events. If you confirm the questions in the form regarding public events taking place, we will contact you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Wissenschaftler*in an der Universität Rostock (Gastgeber*in)

Wissenschaftler*in an der Universität Rostock (Gastgeber*in) / scientist of the University of Rostock (host)

Fellow (Gast)

Fellow / guest

Gastaufenthalt an der Universität Rostock

Gastaufenthalt / guest stay


Veranstaltungen / events