Please register early, but by 10 October 2018 at the latest.

Please fill in the registration form. After successful registration you get a confirmation e-mail. Registrations of all functional directions are welcome. The presentation area is limited to 70 posters.

The science camp is an interdisciplinary and public event. Please present your topic generally understandable and clear.

In addition to the poster presentation a Science Slam will be organized. The number of participants is limited to seven. Please, if you want take part in the Science Slam, agree to the participation in the registration form. The Science slam will be organized by the Graduate Academy of the University of Rostock. Read more here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


TeilnehmerIn / Participant

TeilnehmerIn / Participant

weitere TeilnehmerIinnen / additional participants

weitere Teilnehmende / additional participants

Ihr Poster / Your poster

Ihr Poster / Your Poster

Schlagwörter / keywords

Schlagwörter / keywords

Um Ihr Thema fachlich besser in die Poster-Ausstellung einordnen zu können, bitten wir Sie Ihr Thema mit fachlichen und populärwissenschaftlichen Schlagwörtern zu erfassen (jeweils 2 - 6 Nennungen). / Please list professional and popular science keywords which describe your topic (2 - 6 keywords in each case).
Universität Rostock / University of Rostock

Institutszugehörigkeit / Institutional affiliation

Science Slam

Science Slam


Anmerkungen / Notes

Abschicken / Submit