to promote early career researchers & to strengthen interdisciplinarity

A central development goal of the University of Rostock is the promotion of interdisciplinarity. By bundling various scientific disciplines, the dissolution of original subject boundaries and the close interdisciplinary exchange of scientists offers research at the University of Rostock an expanded scientific potential.

With the establishment of the Interdisciplinary Faculty, four profile-forming research priorities of the University of Rostock were organized in the departments "Life, Light, Matter", "Maritime Systems", "Ageing of the Individuals and Society" and "Knowledge - Culture - Transformation".

For the sustainable implementation of the interdisciplinary idea of ​​the University of Rostock, the personal competences of the researchers are crucial. The acquisition of necessary skills is part of the qualification of scientists at an early stage of their careers. A basic understanding of science, clear communication, reciprocal concession as well as trust and the ability to criticize are among the basic elements for successful interdisciplinary cooperation.

The Mare Balticum Fellowship Program combines elements to promote interdisciplinarity with elements for the promotion of early career researchers. Therefore, the Fellowship Program promotes guest stays (up to 3 months) by national and international researchers. With the application, the conception of a series of events for early career researchers is connected. The development of the event offers is carried out in collaboration with the guest researcher (subject-specific competences) and, if necessary, with the Graduate Academy (interdisciplinary competences). Applicants are scientists of the University of Rostock, who are members of the Interdisciplinary Faculty. The project leaders and guest researchers can in turn use their stay at the University of Rostock for scientific exchange as well as for strengthening joint research activities and project plans.

The Mare Balticum Fellowship Program is announced annually. The funding phase covers the period from 1 April of the approval year until 31 March of the following year.


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