DFG Anniversary Campaign - “DFG2020 - Für das Wissen entscheiden" - Because Research Matters

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Until the end of December 2020, the DFG2020 team is still accepting commitments to the online action Gemeinsam #fürdasWissen as well as contributions to the annual calendar. The highlight and conclusion of the DFG2020 campaign is expected to be a festive event in the middle of 2021. The DFG plans to present the commitments of the online action at the festive event. Format and concept of the presentation are currently being developed by the DFG. While stocks last, DFG2020 T-shirts in sizes S, M, L and XL can still be ordered. (status: 26.11.2020)

The short film "Im Licht" was created in the context of the planned expedition #fürdasWissen. It was planned to show the film in the cinema bus. But the Germany tour of the expedition bus was cancelled under the COVID-19 events in March 2020. The short film was published in August 2020. A very personal mental journey with five scientists. The film is in German ... watching the film

With its campaign “DFG 2020 - Because Research Matters”, the DFG would like to communicate its conviction that research must be free and knowledge-based to the public.

The campaign marks the foundation of the DFG’s predecessor, the Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft, 100 years ago.

From institutions to individuals, anyone can get involved and take part in the DFG campaign. The campaign can only reach full strength through the support of the DFG members and  several individuals.

The DFG will present all of the member institutions one after the other on the DFG2020 website.

get to know the DFG member institutions [de]

The University of Rostock has decided to back the freedom of science and is supporting DFG2020.

It’s now up to you!

Support the DFG2020 campaign #FürdasWissen (#fortheKnowledge) as a researcher, as a research group or as someone who is interested in science, because research matters. Commit to the freedom of science and promote the slogan #FürdasWissen in your activities at or outside of our university. Support the University of Rostock as an institution in its mission to accompany the DFG campaign.

Handout on how to get involved in the DFG2020 campaign [de]

Further information is available via the Office of the Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer


Please contact the office of the Pro-Rector of Research and Transfer of Knowledge at pft@uni-rostock.de.

How can you get involved in the DFG2020 campaign?

Online Campaign Gemeinsam #fürdasWissen

Why does research matter to you? The online campaign #fürdasWissen makes it possible for anyone who is interested to make a text, photo or video statement.

Send your declaration to wissendfgde or explain on Twitter or Instagram why research matters to you using the hashtag #fürdasWissen.

You can also combine the online campaign with a pose whilst wearing a t-shirt with the campaign slogan.

Post card online campaign #fürdasWissen [de]
How to get involved in the online campaign #fürdasWissen [de]

Statements on the DFG2020 website

Striking a Pose with a Campaign T-Shirt

Put the DFG2020 t-shirt on and cast your verdict #fürdasWissen. Set the perfect setting for the slogan by wearing the t-shirt as a visible sign of the campaign on your own or in a group with other researchers from your research team or your institution, and take a photo or record a video in places or situations that underline your conviction that research matters.

You can also combine wearing the t-shirt with the online campaign “Together #fürdasWissen”.

We have already organised the t-shirt for you by ordering a total of 20 t-shirts in various sizes through the Office of the Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer.

You can borrow the t-shirts from us. After you have produced your inspirational contribution to the campaign, return the t-shirt to us for the next entry #fürdasWissen. Interested? Please feel free to contact us.

DFG2020 annual calendar

Are you planning your own events in 2020 and would like to make use of the DFG2020 slogan #fürdasWissen?

Every event can take part in the campaign. The DFG is including all kinds of events - from presentations and discussion rounds to research colloquiums, conferences and exhibitions, or even a Science Slam, concerts and ceremonies in its DFG2020 annual calendar.

The DFG will support you with your event by providing materials and inspiration for #fürdasWissen.

Register your event by writing to 2020dfgde.

DFG2020 annual calendar [de]

Show your Support

Make DFG2020 visible to your own surroundings and convey the conviction that well-funded research, which is able to work without having to respect the interests of the economy or politics, is an important pillar of society.

Commit yourself #fürdasWissen and show your support on websites, on media channels, posters, flyers, or in letters.

Feel free to use the DFG’s campaign kit, which contains motifs and design elements.

DFG2020 campaign kit [de]

“Expedition #fürdasWissen” - the DFG Tour of Germany

In its anniversary year 2020, the DFG is setting off with the artist collective Kompanie Kopfstand (KoKo) [de] on the “Expedition #fürdasWissen” [de]. Six months, ten stations, thousands of kilometres. In every town it visits, the expedition is on the look out for new perspectives on science, inviting everyone to become part of the expedition.

Ask any question you like in the Centre of Curiosity! Live performances, a bus cinema and chats with local researchers enable interaction.

And it gets even better! Rostock, what do you want to know? The expedition bus will stop off in Rostock on 23 April 2020 from 4.00 to 8.00 p.m. as part of Science Night. Entrance is free.

DFG2020 Expedition #fürdasWissen


The “Expedition #fürdasWissen” was unfortunately cancelled as a measure to help avoid a further spread of COVID-19.

DFG2020 campaign kit elements
DFG2020 slogan