This year's Science Camp takes you on a journey through the research landscape of the University of Rostock and its affiliated institutes. Prof. Dr. Udo Kragl, Vice Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer, will accompany you. What does the planning of the journey look like? 24 scientists will explain their research topic in the Atrium of the Konrad-Zuse-Haus in a generally understandable way with a poster on guided tours. The program also includes the lecture by a well-known Rostock scientist. Even if we deviate this year from our popular format with personal discussions and contacts under the influence of COVID-19, we would like to use the occasion and, according to the motto of the DFG2020-Kampange #fürdasWissen (#fortheknowledge), we would like to take a closer look at the effects of COVID19.

There will be no Science Slam this year. Unfortunately, the coffee bike will also be cancelled.

Be there and discover new formats like the livestream.

We are looking forward to you!

What is the Science Camp?

The Science Camp is an interdisciplinary platform for exchange and networking. Scientists of the Rostock University and other cooperating institutions will present their research topics in a poster show.

The Science Camp is intended to provide a casual networking platform to get in touch with colleagues. Meet your colleagues, discuss your research and experience in dealing with funding or even find potential research partners!

You will be surprised about the variety of the research landscape and its potential for the future.

You will be impressed by the interaction of research and economy at our almost 600-year-old university.

We would like to welcome you!

Since when does the research camp take place?

The research camp has been taking place since 2012. As a fixed date, the penultimate Thursday has been established in the month of November.



Who is invited to the Science Camp?

In short: the Science Camp is for people, who are drawn to it.

Scientists of the Rostock University and its affiliated institutes are invited to present their research topic in the popular poster session format or in the poster slam.

The event will be open to young researchers, members of the Graduate Academy and everybody who is interested in a science carreer or in the extensive and exciting research conducted at the University of Rostock.


What are the features of the program?

The heart of the event is the popular and traditional Poster Session, in which scientists of the University of Rostock and affiliated institutes present their research topic. The poster session will be extended to a Photo competition "My Research!" and a Science Slam, which will be organized by the Graduate Academy.

You will have the opportunity to get in touch with the University’s science support and knowledge transfer staff.

Please find the most current information on the programme here.

Why should you visit?

If you are a scientist, this is your chance to meet and mingle with new and old colleagues, discuss research, funding and cooperation opportunities in a casual but hands-on atmosphere. Get to know the basics about research funding and knowledge transfer and meet the University’s science support staff.

If you are working on your dissertation this is your chance to present your research topic, to get a first-hand idea of what a research career could look like. You will have the chance to meet with scientists of all disciplines and career levels to hear about their research and experience.


DFG Campaign - “DFG2020 - Für das Wissen entscheiden"

With its campaign “DFG 2020 - Because Research Matters”, the DFG would like to communicate its conviction that research must be free and knowledge-based to the public.

From institutions to individuals, anyone can get involved and take part in the DFG campaign. The campaign can only reach full strength through the support of the DFG members and  several individuals. Several scientists at the University of Rostock have already declared their support for #fürdasWissen. The Science Camp 2020 is also under the motto #fürdasWissen.

Participation of the University of Rostock in the DFG2020 campaign





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