Research at the Faculties

Scientific Priorities

AGRICOAST – Sustainable resource use in agricultural landscapes near the shore; aquaculture; phosphorus research

Information and communication technology; life science engineering; energy efficiency, microsystem technology, nanoelectronics and sensor technology; maritime systems and processes; computational engineering

International business law, European and public international law; basic subjects in civil law; communications law

Fundamentals in structural mechanics and material engineering; combustion engines and energy technology; fluid flow engines and fluid engineering; propulsion engineering and mechatronics; production engineering, maritime technology; biomedical engineering

Marine biology; environmental and marine chemistry and analytics; analytical and numerical treatment and analytics; partial differential equations; optics and laser physics and atmospheric physics and physical oceanography; plant science

"Regenerative medicine": biomaterial and implant research; stem cell research; interaction of bio-materials; cells and tissue; movement disorders in neurodegenerative diseases

Education, culture and language; processes of social self-assurance; types of intercultural communication; historical phenomena in a comparative perspective

Image-theoretical research; research in sepulchral culture, research in religious culture of M-V

Demographic change; company and technology; service management and service markets; regional economy