Regular get-together

Regular get-together

for doctoral candidates

The Graduate Academy organises a regular meet-up for doctoral candidates once a month. The regular get-together focuses on topics around the doctorate: experiences, exchange, worries, fears and a pleasant, fun round. All PhDs are welcome!

The date for the next live meeting will be on 16th January 2024 in Universitätsplatz  (in front of the fountain "Brunnen der Lebensfreude") at 6.30 pm.

The evening will continue in a restaurant or bar.

To participate, send an email to Graduiertenakademie ( ) no later than 15th January 2024.
The event will be confirmed upon reaching a minimum attendance of 6 participants.


Fabio Silingardi
Graduate Academy of the University of Rostock

Universitätsplatz 1
18055 Rostock

Room 105

Phone: +49 381 498-1327
E-Mail: gradauni-rostockde