Coaching for doctoral candidates - About the trainer

In cooperation with the business psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Anja Ozik-Scharf the Graduate Academy offers group discussions to strengthen self-competence. Based on a trustful handling among the course participants, the format offers a frame for open conversations. The aim is to discover your own potentials, to make the most of your resources and to learn to tackle challenges more calmly. The key is the strenghtening of self-confidence.

According to the motto: Whatever happens to me, I will act and react smartly to the specific situation based on a strong dose of self-confidence.

Self-confidence means accepting and making use of own strengths and development potentials. You can learn how to deal with weaknesses if you know your strengths which compensate them.

"If I know what I can and what I want and use smart strategies, I learn to deal smartly and strategically with (unexpected) challenges."

The coaching is not only based on superficial methods, PowerPoint slides or knowledge from books, but it is based on the human in their current situation: What have they already achieved, what are their aims, which measures support him, which (conscious / unconscious) obstacles should be removed, which strengths can be helpful?

This individual and process-oriented working method can be developed individually or within a group where the members support each other.

Discretion and a respectful interaction with personal borders belong to the trainer´s professional self-conception!

As a resource, Dr. Ozik-Scharf uses her professional experiences as psychotherapist and trauma therapist in order to work on and solve biographically caused resistances and blockades (e. g. within the familiy or at school, failures, insults).

As a result, strain can be minimized and an inner feeling of freedom and self-determination can be attained.

Dr. Anja Ozik-Scharf stands for a special, complex working method. The individual client/person as a whole learns to understand their past, to purposefully develop their future and learns new individual techniques for the current stage of life in order to complete the doctorate and to design their living environment in a way that supports the achievement of their goals and makes them ensure and perceive their own success.

What distinguishes her from other trainers is her "creative toolbox".

Her way of looking at the person, their biography and the development of goals enables her to dissolve blockades and resistances. Thereby, she constantly acts as the driving force: Everyone decides what he makes of it.

Dr. Anja Ozik-Scharf has gained more than 20 years professional experience in the coaching and training area for business enterprises and institutions (e. g. at universities). She studied Business Psychology and completed her professional education and her license to practice as a child and youth psychotherapist. She still offers staff, team and manager trainings.

Her references comprise:

  • Lecturer at the WSF (University of Rostock)
  • Trainer for managers and team development, Rostock and MV
  • Executive coach and trainer, Alice & O2, Hamburg & Rostock
  • Strato AG & EDEKA as trainer and executive coach, Berlin
  • SUZLON & NeuroProof & Scharpenberg GmbH & FROG GmbH as trainer and executive coach, Rostock
  • Gesellschaft für Gesundheit und Pädagogik Rostock as executive trainer, mediator, supervisor
  • Trainer and coach Neptun-Werft Rostock
  • and many other companies in the world of labour and economy in Germany and Austria.


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