Admissible vocational training for applications in Human medicine and Dentistry

During the selection procedure if the university applicants can claim a bonus if they completed one of the vocational trainings mentioned below with an A-grade. This will reduce the grade point average by 0.3.

An A-grade corresponds with a final grade of 1.0 up to and including 1.5. If the vocational school certificate does not specify an overall grade, the arithmetic average of all exams is used.

All final grades other than an A-grade do not entitle for a bonus.

List of admissible vocational trainings

  1. anaesthesia assistant
  2. dental technician
  3. geriatric nurse
  4. hospital nurse
  5. medical laboratory scientist
  6. midwife
  7. pediatric nurse
  8. paramedic
  9. physical therapist
  10. scrub nurse
  11. surgical assistant

Source: Attachment 1 of article 4 paragraph 3 of Ordnung zur Vergabe von Studienplätzen in den bundesweit zulassungsbeschränkten Studiengängen Medizin und Zahnmedizin (Zulassungsordnung – ZulO)