Guest auditorship at the University of Rostock

A guest auditorship makes it possible for interested people, without proof of a university entrance qualification, to use the facilities of the University of Rostock for further education.

People with a guest auditorship can take advantage of:

  • attending courses in non-admission degree programs
  • usage of the libraries
  • offers of the language center
  • and the college sport.

In addition, you will receive a user account of the IT and Media Center for the IT student service.

Guest auditors will not be enrolled and you are therefore not considered as a student of the University of Rostock. That means you will not get a student ID or a semester ticket. Guest auditors can only participate in exams if there is made an exception by the examination office. With the guest auditorship you will be able to attend courses in non-admission degree programs.

As far as there are sufficient capacities, everyone can become a guest auditor in our university. They will have to file an application for the guest auditorship for one or more courses and submit it to the student service center.

The guest auditorship costs 46,00 € per semester.


Anliegen klären, Kurzinformationen erhalten

Der Info-Service ist die zentrale Anlaufstelle für Studieninteressierte und Studierende im Student Service Center der Universität Rostock. Ratsuchende wenden sich bitte zunächst hierher, oft kann die Frage mit einer kurzen Information schon geklärt werden. Bei Bedarf wird an spezialisierte Ansprechpartner weitervermittelt.

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E-Mail: studiumuni-rostockde

International students (with a home university abroad) who spend one or more semesters at the University of Rostock are not considered as guest auditors, but as guest students. Information on guest studies can be found ► here.