Financing / BAföG

No tuition fees have to be paid at the University of Rostock. Still, students have to pay for board, lodging and working materials. Though, the living expenses in Rostock are comparatively low.

There are several funding opportunities. In addition to "BAföG" (according to the Professional Education Subsidy Act) which is offered nation-wide there are various scholarships offered by foundations and student loans provided by banks. Postgraduate scholarships of the State are available for doctoral students. For dissertations at the Interdisciplinary Faculty one can apply for INF scholarships. Please consider that the overview given at this point cannot replace the personal consultation with the relevant institution.


BAföG is granted to students as half a free subsidy and half as an interest-free loan. The loan is repaid five months after the end of the studies in monthly installments. In the case of a fast and good study, a percentage reduction may be granted. The sum to be repaid is limited to a maximum of EUR 10,000.

The official website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is available here:

In Rostock you can apply for BAfög at the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar:

You can also find help with the BAföG-application under the link!

Alternative financing options

If the other sources of funding are not sufficient, study credits or educational funds might be considered as a (further) financial source. You should only resort to this if you have no other financing option and to as little extent as possible. Even students with a grant entitlement to BAföG can make use of this possibility of funding the studies. However, it should be noted that the various offers basically work according to the principles of a loan, i.e. conclusion of a loan agreement, agreed monthly payment and the later repayment of the sum over a certain period of time with interest and repayment.

A large number of banks offer students a study credit. You can find information here.

The Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar will gladly advise you on the student loan of the KfW-Förderbank.

Part time jobs

If the money is still not sufficient, you can also look for a part time job in Rostock.
Here you can find current job offerings.