Umweltingenieurwissenschaften (Bachelor of Science)

Abstract for international prospects

Environmental Engineering


Application period: 1st of May to 15th of July via Uni Assist


Language of instruction: German (B2)


Start of study: Each winter term (01.10.)


More information:


Content and objectives:


Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering have application-ready knowledge to design and implement engineering structures, environmental engineering applications, urban water management, recycling, rural water management, environmental data collection and evaluation, as well as integral planning in rural areas and renewable energies. They therefore have the skills to plan and operate systems to shape and protect the environment.


Admission requirements:


Environmental engineers work at the interface between environment, technology and society. Students will need a keen interest in maths and science, as well as a desire to solve problems and the ability to engage in joined-up thinking. Applicants must prove, that they have completed an internship of at least four weeks in a field relevant to the course of study in accordance with the internship regulations for the Bachelor's program in Environmental Engineering. Apart from this, admission may be granted subject to condition that the internship will be completed within the first academic year. Students may apply for vocational training to be recognised as an internship.


Course structure:


The course is made up of compulsory and compulsory elective modules. Students will learn the principles of science, maths and engineering in the fields of civil engineering, water management and process engineering and will acquire key skills in ecology, economics and law.


Career prospects:


Typical careers for environmental engineers are in supply and disposal companies, construction, environmental systems construction, engineering firms, water and soil associations and the public sector (environmental management), as well as academia.



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