Temporary absence

Students may request an academic leave of absence for important reasons.

Reasons for temporary absence

1. Temporary illness that makes it impossible for the student to appropriately attend the courses in the relevant semester; 

2. Care for the spouse or persons related to the student in straight line of descent or first-degree relatives related by marriage, who require support in terms of the Sozialgesetzbuch XI (Social Insurance Code); 

3. Pregnancy, maternity leave and care for a child for periods that would entitle employees under a regular employment contract to get maternity or parental leave; 

4. Study abroad at a foreign institution of higher education; 

5. Absence due to an internship outside the university in compliance with the study or examination guidelines, if the internship requires, apart from lecture-free periods, also considerable parts of lecture periods; 

6. Voluntary internship or involvement in a research project, if, as a result of participating in the internship without getting an approval for leave of absence, the student would have disproportionate disadvantages.

7. Social commitment to refugee care, which entails a temporal strain that would lead to a disproportionate disadvantage for the person concerned in the course of study.

The leave of absence is granted for the whole semester. The student can only request leave of absence for the running or subsequent semester, a retroactive suspension for a preceding semester is not possible. In general, the student is granted a total of up to four leave semesters, of that not more than two continuous semesters, in one course of study. Times of leave due to pregnancy and parental leave are not included in these periods pursuant to the Mutterschutzgesetz (Maternity Leave Act) and Bundeserziehungsgeldgesetz (Federal Childcare Allowance Act) each in their valid version. Academic leave in the first subject-related semester will, even for important reasons (see above), only be granted, if a denial would represent an unreasonable hardship.

Before you submit an application for leave of absence to the Student’s Office, you need to obtain a recommendation by the responsible department and/or faculty. 

As a general rule, the  application for leave of absence  must be filed at the time of re-registration but not later than at the start of lectures in the relevant leave semester. If an unpredictable reason for leave occurs after lecture start, the application may, in exceptional cases, be filed for the running semester immediately after the reason for the leave of absence occurred. Any application filed five weeks after lecture start will be processed by the rector. Late applications will be denied as inadmissable. 

Applications for leave of absence must be renewed for each additional semester.

Student's office

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Documents to be submitted

Depending on the reason for the leave of absence, the Application documentmust be accompanied with sufficient proof, either as original documents or authenticated copies, e.g:  

  • For internships – certificate of the employer stating the duration of the internship
  • For health reasons – medical certificate and/or, upon request, official medical certificate 
  • For parental leave – copy of birth certificate 
  • For studies at a foreign university – confirmation of the respective university