Social and Legal Advisory Service

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Psycho-Social Advisory Office and Social Services

One does not have to wait until an emergency case has occured to discuss something at the psycho-social advisory office. In confidentially treated talks you may present any topics of concern – private or study-related ones.

The advisory services will have conversations with you that aim to get or exchange information as well as to provide help with orientation, clarification and decision-making. It supports your self-management and the development of problem solution competences by providing information and, if applicable, arranging contact with service providers or other advisory services.

The advisory service is open to everybody, anonymous, if requested, and transparent. It is also a contact point for pregnant, international, ill or disabled students.

The psycho-social advisory office is operated according to the systemic-solution oriented concept, where solutions for those who seek advice are in the focus. More information.

Financial Advisory Service and BAföG

In addition to the BAföG advisory service and support with the application, the student union advises regarding education loan, KfW promotional loan and other opportunities.

Further information available at:

Contact person

Anke Wichmann

phone: +49 3814592 640

St. Georg-Str. 104-107
18055 Rostock