Social and Legal Advisory Service

Psycho-social Counseling Center, Social Services, Family Office

Social counseling

Location Rostock: Erich-Schlesinger-Str. 19, 18059 Rostock (Wohnheim, 1.OG Klingelknopf 01.03) 

The social counseling helps to find solutions regarding financial, organizational or family problems and offers further counseling services (psychological and legal counseling) as well as social services of the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar.
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Psychological counseling

The psychological counseling is for everyone who thinks they can no longer cope with the stress of everyday life and/or study.
Here you can make an appointment.
NEW: open office hours on Thursday from 9-10:30 am at the Erich-Schlesinger-Str. 19

Legal counseling

In the focus of the free legal counseling are legal questions or difficulties regarding the study situation or/and the private life.
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Family counseling

Information and counseling for (expecting) parents can be found in the family office of the University of Rostock
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Financial Advice and BAföG

In addition to the BAföG counseling and assistance with applications, the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar also advices on questions regarding loans and other possibilities.

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Contact person

Anke Wichmann

phone: +49 3814592 640

St. Georg-Str. 104-107
18055 Rostock

Information and advice for (expectant) parents

Contact person at the Family Office of the University of Rostock:

Ariane Sennewald
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