Studying with children – Student parents

Those who have already children while studying or wish to have children during their studies will find some useful information here, because the conditions and options are different:

Offers at Rostock University:

Exceptions regarding study time:
  • In general, parents, who need time for childcare, may take up to four semesters off, including two subsequent semesters. Leave time due to pregnancy and childcare in compliance with the German Maternity Protection Law and the Federal Child-Raising Allowance Act remains unaffected.
  • Depending on the study guidelines, the prescribed period of study and, where applicable, the examination time may be extended due to childcare.
  • Further procedures and opportunities can be obtained from the departmental student’s advisory service .

Exceptions under BAföG (student loans and student grants) conditions:
  • The maximum grant period can be extended in case of pregnancy and childcare for children up to 10 years of age.
  • The bonus for the first child amounts to 113 Euro, for all other children 85 Euro.
  • For further information visit the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (


Information and counselling for (future) parents:

Anke Wichmann,
Social counselling service of the student union Rostock (
phone: +49 381 4592 640

Social Services Department of the General Students Committee section,
“Studying with children”

Pro Familia,
free of charge – and, if desired, anonymous– counselling on partnership, family planning and conflict situations
Barnstorfer Weg 50, 18057 Rostock