Data Protection Officer at the University of Rostock (not including the University Clinic)

The Data Protection Officer is the contact person for all personal data handling issues at the University of Rostock. His or her responsibilities arise pursuant to § 20 of the Data Protection Act of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (DSG M-V).

Pursuant to § 20 Paragraph 3 of the DSG M-V, the Data Protection Officer at the University of Rostock is required to monitor the implementation of the DSG M-V and other data protection regulations, and to provide advice on their application. He or she has the right to demand information and to inspect paper-based and electronic files to the extent necessary for the execution of his or her duties. He or she cannot be prevented from executing his or her duties on the grounds of professional and administrative confidentiality. He or she also has the right to appeal to the State Commissioner for Data Protection at all times.

His or her duties include, in particular,

  • working to ensure compliance with data protection regulations (for example by providing appropriate advice to university staff as well as providing expert support in relation to, and monitoring, processes and projects having ramifications for data protection),
  • familiarising university staff tasked with processing personal data with the applicable data protection regulations by appropriate means,
  • maintaining the procedure log (pursuant to § 18 of the DSG M-V),
  • supporting the University with the implementation of data security measures (pursuant to §§ 21-22 of the DSG M-V),
  • and carrying out relevant pre-checks in connection with the configuration and setup of, or significant changes to automated processes (pursuant to § 19 Paragraph 2 of the DSG M-V).

All university personnel have the right to consult directly with the Data Protection Officer on any and all matters pertaining to data protection without having to go through official channels (cf. § 20 Paragraph 1 Section 6 of the DSG M-V).

The Data Protection Officer carries out his or her duties independently and without being required to seek further authorisation (cf. § 20 Paragraph 1 Section 4 of the DSG M-V). Within the organisational hierarchy he or she reports directly to the Vice Chancellor, has the right to consult directly with him or her, and must be shielded from discriminating or unfavourable treatment occasioned by his or her fulfilling his or her duties (cf. § 20 Paragraph 1 Section 5 of the DSG M-V).

Prof. Dr. Hubertus Gersdorf has been the Data Protection Officer at the University of Rostock since February 2013. He has been supported in this role since October 2026 by his colleague Katja Fröhlich in her role as Deputy Data Protection Officer at the University of Rostock.

Should you require advice or support with such things as drafting a consent form, producing a process description or anything else concerning data protection, please contact either the Deputy Data Protection Officer at the University of Rostock or his deputy.