Award ceremony of the photo contest: "University for everybody?!"

1st place: „6883/22“ by Julia Genschmer
2nd place: „Bookend“ by Nina Sagemerten
3rd place: „Overcoming limitations“ by Ulrike Bruhn and Deike Ludwig

On 24 July 2017, the Rectorate honoured the winners of the photo contest, Julia Genschmer (1st place), Nina Sagemerten (2nd place) as well as Ulrike Bruhn and Deike Ludwig (3rd place). With the award ceremony, the University of Rostock draws attention to the topic of studying and working with disabilities. The competition was presented by the Inclusive University Project as part of this year's Diversity Day. 

"Inclusion at the University of Rostock means, that all university members participate equally in university life and in all dimensions of everyday university life," the rector, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schareck, explains. The photo contest "A university for everybody" invited the students and employees of the University of Rostock to deal with what an inclusive university may look like. With the award ceremony, the Rectorate paid tribute to the competition winners, who used their photographs to impressively show what kind of barriers exist, but also how to dismantle them. Following the award ceremony, the prizewinners, together with the university management, entered the book of diversity at the University of Rostock.

Julia Genschmer, a student of industrial engineering, won first place with her photo collage "6883/22": The picture shows a blurred face for which 44 portraits of students from the University of Rostock were superimposed on top of each other. In their diversity, they all represent a part of the university, displaying all its facets. "It symbolizes the belonging of all of us, no matter what country we come from, what language we speak, what we believe in, or what physical or mental limitations we have," Julia Genschmer explains.

The second place is taken by the picture "Bookend" by Nina Sagemerten, subject specialist at the Rostock University Library: "I want to show how inclusion already succeeds". Her picture shows a library employee's walking aid; the pun of the caption reverses the usual relationship: people with disabilities not only have to be supported, but also become the support of the colleges and library visitors.

The 3rd place went to Ulrike Bruhn and Deike Ludwig, both academic assistants of the Faculty of Philosophy in the field of special education. The photo "Overcoming Limitations" shows a traffic-barrier/gate in the entrance area of one of the facilities of the University. "With our image, we want to help identify and dismantle the many visible and invisible barriers. Self-reflection is very important to us, because an inclusive attitude encompasses the examination of the limits of our perception." The members of the jury also congratulated warmly: Prof. Dr. Eichler-Löbermann (Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Equality and Diversity Management), Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth (Commissioner for Disabled and/or Chronically ill Students), Prof. Dr. Katja Koch ( Inclusion representative of M-V and project manager inclusive university), Beate Gierschner (scientific assistant of inclusive university) and Dr. Kirstin Kastell (Managing Director of the Commission for Equal Opportunities and Diversity). The competition took place as part of the German Diversity Day, which is organised annually by the Charter of Diversity. The University of Rostock took part in this nationwide action for the fourth time in a row this year and has been a signatory to the Charter since 2009.