Special Issue: Traditio et Innovatio

"Inklusive Hochschule - Studieren und Arbeiten mit Beeinträchtigung an der Universität Rostock"

In December 2018, the special issue Traditio et Innovatio "Inclusive University" was published. With this booklet, we would like to draw attention to the topic of studying and working with impairments at our university, present support offers and actors, give hints and introduce people with disabilities who are successful in studying, research and work.


The booklet can be picked up as a print edition in the offices of diversity and equality of the Diversity Staff Unit in the main building of the university.

We would like to thank all entries, authors and actors in the field of accessibility for their commitment!



Staff unit Diversity


Diversity and equality  ll  Universitätsplatz 1  ll Room 011

We will be happy to send you copies by post. You can send requests to inklusionuni-rostockde.