Upcoming Diversity Day is on May 26th 2020!

The Association Charta der Vielfalt is once again calling for participation in the nationwide Diversity Day. Companies and participating organizations have the chance to show their colors for diversity on May 26th. Different event formats at the University of Rostock should also raise awareness for diversity and contribute to a non-discriminatory university atmosphere.

Due to this years Diversity Day there will be a Diversity Training Online Webinar on June 12th 2020!

During the one-day training, participants learn about the diversity approach and get an understanding of the emergence and impact of prejudice. As well they will raise awareness of discrimination mechanisms, social inequalities and get support in developing a respectful approach to diversity and the challenges it presents. You can find all further information here!

The Diversity Day is a nationwide initiative that was launched in 2012 by the Diversity Charter. The day of the campaign aims to raise awareness of the topic of diversity, encourage publicly to show the flag for diversity and contribute to a non-discriminatory university atmosphere. The Diversity Charter was signed and recognized by the University of Rostock in 2009.

Diversity Day impressions 2019

Further impressions can be found in our archive.

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Diversity Management
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