Tender for the advancement of women in science with family responsibilities or extensive committee responsibilities ties (SRA-Fund)

The University of Rostock has made it its goal to ensure a balance between an academic career and family responsibilities and to increase the number of women serving on its committees. To implement these objectives, the University of Rostock (in line with the Women Professors Programme II of the federal and state governments) is tendering a funding programme for female academics with family responsibilities (child rearing, caring for relatives) and/or extensive committee work (arising in addition to the contractually regulated working hours) . Grantees will receive the funding to hire a student research assistant. The fund is intended to compensate for multiple demands arising from family responsibilities or extensive committee work and the associated extended time often required to achieve qualifications or to perform research.

Each grantee will receive funds to hire one student research assistant for a max. 120 hours. If all qualifications are equal, the hiring of females as assistants is to be preferred. Hiring male assistant requires justification showing that no suitable female student could be identified for the position. This preference will also provide these students an opportunity to gain an initial insight into the teaching and research work of an academic. Becoming familiar with such activities may encourage them to pursue a career in academia, with their female supervisors serving as strong role models. This fund's goals thus also serve as a tool for equalising opportunities in the development of future personnel.

Tendering is on-going. Proposals may be submitted at any time. Expect at least 6-8 weeks for a decision to be taken. Applications will first be reviewed to ensure they contain all of the required information and meet the eligibility criteria. Applications that are selected for the shortlist will then be reviewed by the Committee for Equal Opportunities and Diversity. The Commission compiles a list with funding proposals before the Rectorate provides a final assessment.  

Please see below the tender for general conditions und detailed information.

Please note: The project is ending in October 2019. The funds must be invoiced till 31th October 2019.