Fund for the Advancement of Women in Science

The promotion fund consists of two funding lines: short-term scholarships (to a maximum of 3 months) and subsidies for material resources.

The next (and last) tender starts on 3th April 2019. The application deadline for the next tendering period (short-term scholarships and subsidies for material resources) is 16th May 2019. The earliest possible starting date of funding is July 2019. The funds must be invoiced till 31th October 2019 (end of the project).

Applications based on an acute social plight are not bound by the deadlines.

Please see below the tender of the respective funding lines for general conditions und detailed information.

supplementary information for the application of a student research assistant (SHK)

The hourly wage of a student research assistant:

    without BA: 9,87 €

    with BA:     11,49 €

The monthly costs can be estimated as follows: [hourly wage]*[hours per week]*4,348*[number of months]*1,2807 (social contributions)

e.g. student research assistant without BA 6h/ week for 3 months: 9,87*6*4,348*3*1,287 = ~994 €

The actual amount of the fee depends on the specific situation of the student research assistant.

You can find more information about the legal framework regarding the employment of student research assistants on the service portal (Dienstleistungsportal) of the University of Rostock.