Exhibition "Experiment Future"

A project of the University of Rostock in cooperation with the Hanseatic City of Rostock and the Kunsthalle Rostock on the occasion of the double anniversary 2018/2019.

Curator: Dr. Susanne Jaschko

Exhibition venue: Kunsthalle Rostock, Hamburger Str. 40, 18069 Rostock, Germany

Duration: March to May 2019

The Idea

The exhibition Experiment Future turns our gaze ahead. Science and researching art meet, the tension deriving from this encourages discussion. Artists develop future images and scenarios in dialogue with science institutions from Rostock.

Human life processes have reached a degree of complexity that demands new methods for gaining knowledge. It needs a post-disciplinary exploration of the world to understand and control the interaction of different systems. Experiment Future inquires science and art together into a new understanding of the society. Which perspectives do both disciplines take today and tomorrow here? Which methods and technologies enable a new world view? What future images can be generated and which scopes of action are opening up?

Experiment Future promises an „exhibition process” with fluent boundaries to everyday life, urban and natural spaces. A laboratory where people get together for joint thinking, talking, experimenting and creating is being generated. Processes can be only partially controlled in this open space. It is also a provocative space where esthetic, ethic and social norms are being questioned. Furthermore, an emotional and sensual intention is aspired, where physical experience can result into awareness.

The University of Rostock initiated the project Experiment Future as one highlight of its 600th anniversary. The Interdisciplinary Faculty is in the focus here, with its four profile lines merging the university’s future-oriented research topics. The exhibition will take place at the Kunsthalle and some external sites from April to June 2019. With more than 20 artistic works and an extensive program comprising of workshops, performances and discourses, Experiment Future can be considered as Germany’s first major and institutional Art & Science Exhibition