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600 years of the University of Rostock

The Light of the North celebrates its 600th anniversary in 2019. We would like to cordially invite you to dock at the “Harbour of Sciences and Humanities” to explore the variety of festive highlights. We would like to celebrate this unique event together with the City of Rostock, its citizens and guests.

The University of Rostock is the oldest university in the Baltic Sea Region and the third oldest university in Germany, our anniversary will attract nationwide attention. We, which refers to 14,000 students and about 3,000 staff members, would like to strengthen this important heritage and to further expand the science location Rostock.

Guarantor for a successful implementation is the contribution of many committed friends and partners. The anniversary offers a unique platform for making new contacts and presenting oneself with public effect. We need your support to make the university anniversary a full success. Show us your special bond with the University of Rostock and join us as sponsor.

We would be pleased to make you a part of our 600th anniversary. Together, we will be able to carry the sparkling of the Light of the North into the whole world. May it become an extraordinary, exciting and thrilling anniversary year 2019!

As impetus provider for science, business and society we would like to:

  • Creatively implement the motto „Traditio et Innovatio“ and make it tangible
  • Enhance the University of Rostock’s competitiveness
  • Publicly present the performance spectrum of the university with public effect
  • Promote supra-regional student marketing
  • Attract renowned researchers and their research projects to Rostock
  • Develop and continue efficient fundraising and acquisition of third-party funds for the future
  • Create recognition values and distinguishing feature
  • Strengthen the „we feeling“ between university and Rostock’s urban population
  • Strengthen the identity creation of all university staff members
  • Make visible the importance of the university for urban and regional development
  • Support tourism, art and culture in Rostock and the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Characterize the city appearance (centralization of the university facilities on 4 campuses)
  • Regenerate the past, make research and results publicly accessible, creating an historical awareness
  • Anchor the education policy of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the public awareness

Sponsoring offers the following opportunities:

  • You make a contribution to the successful implementation of the anniversary, the one of the Baltic Sea Region’s oldest anniversary.
  • You may strengthen your company’s image by promoting the university rich in tradition and with high reputation.
  • Our sponsor packages allow you to address specific target groups.
    Make use of the high supraregional media impact.
  • Present your social commitment with public effect.
  • Act as supporter of interlinking science and social responsibility towards strengthening the linkage of science, business and society.
  • Help us to further enhance the reputation of our joint Alma Mater at the highest level.
  • Reassert your commitment to Rostock.