Academic Senate

The Academic Senate decides, among others, on the university development plan and the proposed basic order as well as on the electoral regulations to the Council. In addition, it has the authority to decide, elect and cooperate in the legally determined cases. The Academic Senate discusses the statement of accounts of the university directors and decides on the related formal approval. The Academic Senate submits proposals regarding the election of rector, the prorector and university committee to the Council.

The Academic Senate comprises of twelve representatives of the group of professors and lecturers, four representatives each of the group of students and of the group of academic staff members and two representatives of the group of other staff members.

Audit Committee of the Academic Senate according to § 106 of the State Higher Education Act.

Confirmed on 2 November 2016


Referat Akademische Selbstverwaltung
(Department for Academic Self-Government)
Universitätsplatz 1
18055 Rostock

Tel.: +49 381 498-1203/1204


Chairman for term of office 2016-2018:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bernard (Faculty of Humanities)

Deputy Chairman for term of office 2016-2018:
PD Dr. Meike Klettke (Faculty for Informatics and Electrical Engineering)