Academic Affairs (D1)

Division 1 is the contact for all academic self-government issues, for prospective students, students and doctoral candidates and scientists on all research and knowledge transfer related issues. 

Postal adress: Universität Rostock, Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung, Dezernat 1 Akademische Angelegenheiten, 18051 Rostock

Visiting adress: 18055 Rostock, Universitätsplatz 1, 2. OG, Hofanbau, Räume 224 - 229

Fax: +49 381 498-1216

Dr. Peter Volle

Head of division (Lz. D1)

  • Head of Department and Head of Section 1.1
  • Substitute of the chancellor

Karola Westphal


  • Secretarial duties for the heads of department and lawyers
  • Budgetary affairs/monitoring of the department budgets
  • Internet presence of Department 1