Academic Self-Governance (D1.2)

The Department 1.2 - Academic Self-Governance - is, among others, contact for the managements of the central boards Council and Academic Senate, the elections for academic boards and officials as well as questions related to dissertations and habilitations. Furthermore, Department 1.2 processes and coordinates the central course and staff catalogue of the University of Rostock.


Wenke Friske-Saß

Head of department (Lz. D1.2)

Fon: +49 381 498-1203
Fax: +49 381 498-118 1203
representation: Sandra Drobek


  • Processing of fundamental issues related to the department, management of the department
  • Election official for the council elections, the academic senate elections and the faculty council elections
  • Coordination of the course and staff catalogue and of the research data base (part dissertations and habilitations)
  • Approval and notification procedures of university regulations and statutes
  • Management of the senate commission Structural issues

Sandra Drobek

Official in charge

Fon: +49 381 498-1205
Fax: +49 381 498-118 1205
representation: Petra Schröder


  • Council and Academic Senate matters
  • Course und staff catalogue
  • Publication of university regulations and statutes
  • Internet presentation boards, legal bases

Petra Schröder

Official in charge

Fon: +49 381 498-1205
Fax: +49 381 498-118 1205 
representation: Sandra Drobek


  • University board elections, DFG review board election
  • Election of the officials
  • Course und staff catalogue
  • Internet presentation Elections

Berit Dreßler (representative Katrin Kordt)

Official in charge

Fon: +49 381 498-1207
Fax: +49 381 498-118 1207 
representation: Gundula Rogge


  • Secretarial duties
  • Course und staff catalogue, Research Database
  • Invoice processing Boards and Elections

Gundula Rogge

Official in charge

Fon: +49 381 498-1206
Fax: +49 381 498-118 1206
representation: N.N.

  • Dissertation and habilitation matters of the faculties
  • Research Database
  • Invoice processing dissertations and habilitations
  • Internet presentation dissertations and habilitations