Lecture "Staging the Literary Translator in Bibliografic Catalogues" with Prof. Dr. Belén Santana (Universidad Salamanca)

Sprachen (optional): Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch (je nach Zuhörerkreis)
Uhrzeit: 14.06.2022, 17:15 Uhr
Raum: HS 217, UHG
Einführung: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Buschmann

In recent years, the translator's "(in)visibility" has deserved special attention, particularly within Anglo-American Translation Studies. This has paved the way for a new field of research that addresses questions such as the political dimension of translation, the power relationships established through intercultural contact activities and the historical and sociological reasons for the translator's invisibility. As for the latter, one of the areas in which literary translators should be visible ‒ both as authors and literary actors ‒, is the field of bibliographic catalogues, understood as a traditional example of knowledge organization resources in our modern societies. However, preliminary studies made so far in a European Spanish context have shown that this is not always the case.

With close interaction between Translation Studies (TS) and Library and Information Science (LIS) as a background, the lecture is built on the hypothesis that data about translators ‒ as opposed to translations ‒ in bibliographic catalogues are not always consistent or easily accessible, which helps to perpetuate the literary translator’s invisibility. Taking the Spanish National Library as an example, the different fields of bibliographic records, searching strategies and display options have been analized. Consequently, a new methodological approach will be explained, considering both the boundaries and the possibilities of library catalogues as a tool for researching the literary translator. Bearing in mind that descriptive approaches based on bibliographic data are fairly common within Literary Translation Studies research, it is worth looking more closely at the tools we all work with instead of taking all the data found (or not) in a library catalogue for granted.

This methodological approach can be of interest for scholars and students coming not only from Translation, Linguistics and Literature degrees, but also from the Humanities in a broad sense and for every researcher who deals with translated texts. At the same time, the interaction with Library and Information Science (LIS) builds a bridge towards other disciplines like Computer Science within the context of Digital Humanities.

The lecture is divided into five sections:

  1. Translation Studies meet Library and Information Science
  2. The translator’s (in)visibility in bibliographic catalogues
  3. The Spanish National Library as an example
  4. Bibliographic catalogues under discussion
  5. Towards a new methodology


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