MARE BALTICUM LECTURE: Visualisiere deine Forschung: Wie kann ich ein Video-Abstract über meine Forschung gestalten? / Visualise your research: How can I make a video abstract about my research?




9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Javier Ferrer Calle

Number of participants

up to 12


Rostock International House (RIH), Raum 104 im Unihauptgebäude


German / English*

Target audience

doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers

Audiovisual requirements

- Fully charged smartphone, with the possibility to record videos

- Laptop and USB cable for loading and transferring film material to laptops and computers

- Original idea for your own video, namely, abstracts of a scientific article, conference presentation, etc.

- Possibly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-Apps (not all are necessary)


free of charge

Workshop description

Videos have become one of the most popular formats on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They tend to include banal, informative or social content and criticism. They are published, shared, liked and therefore they are distributed internationally. This potential also makes video an ideal means of communication and scientific exchange, and it is increasingly used for this purpose. This workshop consequently focuses on one of the new genres of the science of communication, namely, the video abstract. In a series of theoretical-practical modules, this workshop will guide you to create a video summary of your research - whether in the form of a scientific article, project or conference - for a less specialized audience. Through hands-on exercises and interactions across all modules, you will learn how to use the tools necessary to create video abstracts that capture the fundamentals of effective scientific communication in visual format. The goal is to create a video abstract that conveys your research in a concise, effective, and easily understandable way that can help increase the popularity of your work.


  • What is a video abstract?
  • Basics of effective (scientific) communication
  • Hands-on: recording a video
  • Enhancement: video editing
  • Presentation: video abstracts of the participants
  • Publication: where can I post my video abstract?

Information about the lecturer

Javier Ferrer Calle obtained his PhD in Romance Languages at the University of Konstanz in March 2018. He holds a degree in Journalism and Political Science and Administration from the University of Granada. He also holds two Master's degrees: one in Political and Institutional Communication from the University Carlos III in Madrid and the other in Radio from the University Rey Juan Carlos, also in Madrid. He has also worked for different programs and initiatives in media such as radio, television and newspapers in Spain.





*depending on the participants´ needs