16th and 17th October 2024


1th Day: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
2th Day: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Theo Best, Write English GbR, Köln

Number of Participants

7 to 12 


Room 104, 1th Floor of "University Main Building", Universitätsplatz 1, 18055 Rostock



Target Audience

Doctoral candidates, postdocs and researchers who present at international conferences

Participation Fee*

Free of charge


In preparation for the workshop, please prepare a short presentation of around 5-8 minutes. The talk should be related to your subject, and if possible supported by slides.


Regarding the slides, you can either: 

1. Bring your slides on a USB stick

2. Use you own laptop and connect it to the projector on the day

Course description

The goal of this presentation workshop is to give academics the skills to get their message
across in a compelling and confident manner. Most participants in our workshops are nonnative
speakers of English and have to present their work at international conferences. Our
workshops focus on a powerful presentation structure, phrases and vocabulary to engage
the audience, clear pronunciation and confident body language.


• What makes a successful conference presentation?
• Structure and language of an English presentation
• Structuring your presentation for maximum impact ( getting and retaining audience attention)
• Considerations when presenting to an international audience
• Voice and pronunciation considerations
• Rhetorical devices to keep your audience engaged
• Non-verbal communication and how to project credibility and confidence
• Understanding and controlling nerves
• Handling the question-and-answer session
• Rehearsing and self-editing tips
• Design tips for visuals and slides
• Video based feedback


• Pair & small group work
• General Discussion
• Individual feedback/coaching (including video)

Further Information

I aim to involve all learning styles and personality types and understand some participants
may initially be reluctant to speak in front of the group. This workshop is a lively, interactive
session where everyone has the opportunity to present. I ask participants to prepare a short
presentation in advance of the workshop to allow us to identify and coach individual needs.

Participants are encouraged to bring a short, 5-minute presentation to the
workshop. This will be an opportunity for individual feedback and coaching.

Previous participants about the course

"The topic was interesting and the trainer developed it in a clear way. The feedback session was very helpful."

"The presenter is well experienced and makes real life examples."

"This course figures out my mistakes in presentation skills."

"Practical exercises. Good feedback of the trainer. Trainer took a lot time and effort in giving individual feedback."

"Practical tips on how to be a good speaker."

*Conditions for Participation

Members of the Graduate Academy can use their virtual member budget to cover the course fees. The registration for the workshop is binding. Our conditions for participation apply.