4th, 5th and 6th November 2024


9.30 am - 4.30 pm


Dr. Alexander Britz
Facilitating Science, Berlin

Number of participants

7 to 15 participants


Room 321, 2th floor, House 3, Ulmenstraße 69, 18057 Rostock

Course language


Target audience

Early career researchers of all disciplines that are interested in getting started with Python programming. No prior knowledge required.

Participation fee

free of charge

Course description

Begin your journey in Python programming in the workshop “Fundamentals of Python”. You will learn the basics of arguably the number one programming language to date. The combination of lectures and hands-on exercises will allow you to get started with your own programming projects at the end of the workshop. No prior coding knowledge required. Just bring your own laptop computer and – if available – a first project such as a data set which you would like to work with.


  • Overview of Python's versatility with real-world use cases.
  • Installation and getting started with Python: Jupyter Notebooks, Spyder, Anaconda, command line interface.
  • Deep dive into Python syntax: data types and variables, conditional statements, loops, and functions.
  • An introduction to data treatment with Numpy.
  • Reading and writing of files.
  • The first steps of data visualization with Matplotlib.

About the lecturer

Dr. Alexander Britz is a trainer, coach and lecturer specialized in working with young scientists. By education he is an interdisciplinary scientist between chemistry, physics, and materials science. Next to science and academia, he is passionate about innovation, sustainability, diversity, and community. While working in academic research groups in Germany, Spain, and the United States, he noticed that science could be much more efficient and productive with improvements in communication and organization. Therefore, he made it his mission to explore new ways to facilitate science by helping especially young researchers to find new ways of working in academic research. In this respect he offers intense 1–3-day workshops, both online or on-site, in which early career researchers develop their personal skill sets to be efficient, effective, and consequently successful scientists.  Furthermore, he continuously works on developing novel teaching and learning formats and finding new ways to elevate science.

*Hinweise zur Teilnahmegebühr & Teilnahmebedingungen / *Conditions for Participation

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