International Workshop: Digital Approaches to Direct Speech Representation in Greek and Latin Epic

This interdisciplinary workshop aims to generate innovative new research on Graeco-Roman epic poetry, particularly its use of direct speech, by combining methods and theoretical models from narratology, discourse analysis, linguistics and digital humanities, and bringing together scholars with complementary expertise in a collaborative environment.

At the heart of the workshop will be training sessions for the tools of the new DICES database, the largest open access database of metadata on direct speech in ancient and late antique epic.

DICES can be used as an analytical platform and a digital reference tool to introduce students of Greek and Latin epic to digital tools and methods. Its user-friendly, slim human interface will help participants without specialist knowledge in ancient and late antique epic or digital humanities navigate the database, so that it is suitable both for beginners and advanced users. At the same time, it allows experts of speech representation to search for, organise, analyse, and export the data that is relevant for their own research interests and pursue an infinite number of research questions based on any combination of the offered search categories in any combination of Greek and Latin epics from Homer to Late Antiquity. The API interface moreover allows specialists in the Digital Humanities to extract the data for their own research. The purpose-built database and digital tools will facilitate future qualitative and quantitative research.

Registration by e-mail is requested.


Dr. Simone Finkmann (host scientist)
Heinrich Schliemann-Institut für Altertumswissenschaften
Schwaansche Str. 3, 18055 Rostock
Tel.: 0381 498-2779

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