MARE BALTICUM LECTURES: Sexual reproduction in Zygnematophyceae - a benefit for terrestrialization and under climate change?


Zygnematophyceae are the intimate sister lineage to land plants and have therefore evolved several stress tolerance mechanisms to prepare for their life on land. While the tolerance of vegetative algae to desiccation, temperature and light-stress has been studied extensively, so far little is known about their sexual reproduction. In this seminar the special mode of sexual reproduction lacking any motile stages, merely by conjugation will be introduced and the special properties of the resulting zygospores will be shown. Their multi-layered wall has the capacity to withstand high desiccation stress and might thus be also a benefit under man made climate change.

The lecture is open to all interested parties. Registration is not required.


Prof. Dr. Ulf Karsten (host scientist)

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Raum 001
18059 Rostock
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