Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

A constantly growing world population, growing prosperity in emerging countries and changing consumption behavior increase the need for sustainable living conditions, i. e. secured access to food and, particularly, water, energy and infrastructure.

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Here, agricultural manufacturing interests conflict with new land use interest, e. g. those related to environmental protection and recreation. Solutions aiming to increase agricultural production and implement environmental protection objectives have to be brought in line by development strategies for the entire rural economy. Thus, the study field Agricultural and Environmental Sciences does not only deal with "traditional agriculture" in the meaning of farming and animal welfare. Rather, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences work on economic exploitation, protection and care of natural environment, particularly soil, waters, ground water, air, as of landscapes and eco-systems which are formed by these elements.

For this, natural-scientific methods are used to understand the mechanisms on different scale levels: Ranging from micro-biology to genetics via entire organisms, e. g. with animal welfare and health, to the investigation of larger spatial units, e. g. entire coastal zones or biotopes. In addition, engineering working methods are used, e. g. to design and install plants for energy production from plants, for coastal protection or landfill construction. Here, the field of informatics plays an important role, e. g. regarding land surveying with the aid of satellite navigation or remote sensing via aerial photographs. The focuses of natural and engineering sciences are complemented by economic and social science subjects, e. g. those relevant for marketing agricultural products.

The combination of agricultural and environmental sciences in one faculty as offered at the University of Rostock is unique throughout Germany. The environmentally friendly use and sustainable development of urban spaces are central for the interdisciplinary oriented research and education at the four institutes of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Study courses in the field of Agricultural- and Environmental Sciences