Choose one of your self...

Choose one of your self...

Choose your favorite balloon from a wide range of competence development courses.

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We are the place to go for all subjects related to job entry, application and upskilling of competencies during and after study. Don't hesitate and arrange an appointment with us.

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Careers Service

Anja Klütsch
Students and graduates consulting, business contacts, Germany scholarship program

phone: +49 381 498-1251
office: Parkstr. 6


Anne-Katrin Westphal
Students and graduates consulting, competences for study and profession 

phone: +49 381 498-1249
office: Parkstr. 6


Antje Gontarczyk
business contacts, Company on/off Campus, IT Career Night

Phone: +49 381 498-1335
Office: Parkstr. 6