The most important thing first:

Do not miss the introductory week!

For a good start into your studies, correctly we strongly recommend that you as new student participate in the introductory week! At the beginning of October, prior to the start of the term, general and study-course related events provide all important information on the studies. The concrete program is displayed here timely before your studies.

Read the study and examination regulations!

The study and examination regulations contain all rules related to your study course and is important for the entire duration of your studies. You should print these regulations right at the beginning of your studies, read it and keep it. Watch carefully if changes of the regulation occur throughout your studies.

The study and examination regulations that apply for your study course are displayed on your faculty’s website.


In some study courses (particularly one-subject bachelor) you get a timetable that leaves you only few options. In two-subject study courses and teaching profession studies, you have more options and may compose your timetable yourself. The rules of what you may chose usually are determined by the „Study-course specific study and examination regulations” (SPSO). Particularly those students who compose their time schedule themselves make for the student timetable construction service use of the ► Central Course Catalogue (LSF) or the Online Platform ► stud.IP. To properly handle these portals, please, use the following instructions:

Study timetable - Information for New Students

This instruction is also available at the info service of the Student Service Center.

Support with elaborating the study timetable is also provided by the student body of the relevant institute.

Special notes for two-subject-courses

Note that in addition to your first and second modules, you must also occupy modules in the interdisciplinary elective area (IDWB). For further information, please refer to ► Website of the Faculty of Humanities.

Information for pedagogic students

Depending on the subject combination, there may be overlaps between the two subjects. If this is the case, you should indicate the overlap at the Central Examination and Study Office for Teachers (ZPA). The ZPA is also your contact for all other topics relevant to the examination during the pedagogic study.

Websites of the Central Audit Office for Teaching Students (ZPA)

The advanced students are happy to assist their young “fellow teachers” when it comes to arranging timetables, registering for seminars and practical trainings or handling overlapping lectures.

True to the motto "Student teachers of all subjects unite", the SLK creates a union of all pedagogic students. The SLK is pleased to welcome new, committed, smart and dynamic student teachers in its team!

Contact: stud.lehramtskonferenz(at)


No question shall be dropped

Due to the coronavirus the university is working in limited operation. There are no events taking place. The Info-Service can only be reached by e-mail or telephone. Please understand that in this situation not all requests can be dealt completely and promptly.

The Info-Service is the central contact point for prospective and current students at the Student Service Center of the University of Rostock. Pleas start your contact here. Often the question can already be clarified with a short information. If necessary, specialized contact persons will be referred to.

Phone: +49 381 498-1230 | Monday till Thursdsday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.| Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mail: studiumuni-rostockde