The orientation for first year international students starts on the 13th of October

Since 600 years the University of Rostock welcomes young people from all over the world - this year a little bit different

Currently, the University of Rostock is preparing the start of the winter semester 2020/21with special attention to the pandemic. Due to this situation, information on this website can be updated and added up until the 13th of October.  On the 13th of October the orientation officially starts in form of online as well as live events. Stop by at this website to check the time and date for all orientation offers and to find further information regarding your studies. 

Welcome! - Tips for beginning students

At the 2nd of November the classes start at the University of Rostock - we are looking forward to welcome you!

The wintersemester at the University of Rostock usually starts in october   - because of the pandemic the start of the classes is postponed to the 2nd of November. The classes will be partly talke place in presence as well as online. For our first-year students in particular, we will offer as many physical courses as possible.

For a good start into your studies, we strongly recommend to participate at the orientation week! At the beginning of October, prior to the start of the term, general and study-course related events provide all important information regarding your studies. Some events will take place physical and some online. Please inform yourself about the events that are relevant for you and plan your arrival in Rostock according to this. Students who arrive from a corona risk area need to consider the current regulations for travelers and commuters.

The two most important tips at first:

1. Attend your introductory courses

At the beginning of the semester, all important information about the study program are given in general and course-related events.
Due to corona some of the introductory courses for the winter semester 20/21 will take place online.

The schedule of the introductory courses

2. Read your Prüfungs- und Studienordnung

The "Studiengangsbezogene Prüfungs- und Studienordnung" (SPSO) contains all rules for your course of study. You should print it out, read it and keep it for the entire duration of your studies.

The list of all Prüfungs- und Studienordnungen

Introductory offers for all international students at the start of the winter semester 20/21

Time Location Event
1:00 pm.
Rostock International House -
Welcoming of the international students

Soon, you will find further information here.

All introductory courses in German

Introductory courses in German

You can find the introductory events of the study programs taught in German language here.

All introductory courses in English

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Time Location Event
08.00 am.
Albert-Einstein-Str. 24, Lehrgebäude Physik, HS lll Introductory course for the Masterprograms Physik and Physics of Life, Light and Matter
Dr. Thomas Bornath

Msc in Physics of Life Light and Matter

Further usefull information for students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Further introductory events

Traditio et Innovatio

At a time-honored university there is a ceremonial enrollment - in 2020, however, it will be virtual.
further information


No question shall be dropped

Due to the coronavirus the university is working in limited operation. There are no events taking place. The Info-Service can only be reached by e-mail or telephone. Please understand that in this situation not all requests can be dealt completely and promptly.

The Info-Service is the central contact point for prospective and current students at the Student Service Center of the University of Rostock. Pleas start your contact here. Often the question can already be clarified with a short information. If necessary, specialized contact persons will be referred to.

Phone: +49 381 498-1230 | Monday till Thursdsday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.| Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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