Doctorate /Scientific Career

Doctorate /Scientific Career

Various institutions at the University of Rostock provide a variety of offers for doctoral candidates. Here you will find the facilities and their offers: 

Careers Service

The Careers Service of the University of Rostock is your place to go for all queries about career entry, application and competence building. Advice on topics like promotion "Yes or no?" or conversation offers in the promotion of motivation, cooperation with the supervisor or other concerns are possible here. Klick here for more details about the Consulting and Coaching Services.  here...

Graduate Academy

Qualification offers and support for doctoral students, postgraduates and postdocs of all disciplines:



The Welcome Center supports and advises foreign doctoral candidates and visiting scholars. Here you will find information on topics such as work permits, immigration law and language courses. The services of the Welcome Center also include help with filling out forms and assistance with finding accommodation.


Mentoring for postdoctoral and junior professors

Mentoring for postdoctoral and junior professors


What do you want to know? What information do you need?
Here is a first summary of our offers:

How do I enroll?

Students at the University of Rostock, who want to apply as a postgraduate, apply for change to post grad: 

Antrag auf Umschreibung zum Promotionsstudium

An affirmation of your supervisor is necessary. You can apply for post grad at any time. The matriculation occurs online, therefore no personal appearance is needed. The application can be filled out online and documents like the signed PDF-document and other verifications need to be sent to the Student's office . If the online application isn’t possible, you have to fill out the enrollement application manually.

Submitted documents for enrollement

  • Certified copy of the university degree,
  • Confirmation of the supervisor (MA of the University of Rostock),
  • Copy of identity card,
  • De-registration certificate.
Who advises on the doctorate?

Persons who are interested in doctoral thesis can get a consultation at the  Careers Service

As part of the Competence promotion program Kompetenzförderung there is a workshop every semester "Hello Doc! Promote with plan.” Dates here.

The careers service also offers counselling and consultation at any time of the doctorate in themes like:

  • motivated doctorate,
  • Planning work structures and study rooms correctly,
  • Communication with the doctoral environment. From care contract to agreements with the foundations to address problems with the supervisor. How do I communicate correctly?
  • Research, articulate, write scientifically, defend. Which competences do I need? And where can I get these?

Appointment requests and agreement here.

Further information (individual doctoral programs, structured doctoral programs, doctoral programs, funding opportunities, doctoral studies with a child, doctoral studies international and procedural path to doctoral studies) can be found here.

Student counselling for doctoral studies

Which degree programs can I study at the University of Rostock as part of a doctoral program? A list can be found here. Information on the advice given by the General Student Advisory Service regarding the choice of the appropriate doctoral program here.

How do I make a career in science?

You can find more about a career in science here.


Through the  different services or through 
Info-Service / Student Service Center

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Fri. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mail: studium(at)uni-rostock(dot)de  (Usually you will get an answer within three work days.)

Open office hours at the Student Service Center (18057 Rostock, Parkstr. 6)
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