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The Deutschlandstipendium of the Federal Government is a national scholarship programme that supports particularly talented and high-achieving students at universities in Germany. The University of Rostock has been participating in this initiative since the winter semester 2011/2012.

The Deutschlandstipendium supports students whose career path leads them to expect outstanding achievements in their studies and career. In addition to special successes at school and/or university, possible award criteria for a Deutschlandstipendium include the willingness to take on responsibility in the social environment as well as overcoming biographical obstacles, e.g. those caused by one's origins. The scholarships, which amount to 300 euros per month, are financed in equal parts by private sponsors (companies, associations and private individuals) and the Federal Government.

Further information from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research can be found here.

The private scholarship donors can express wishes as to the subject areas in which the donated scholarship should preferably be awarded. Therefore, the German scholarships are distributed differently among the faculties. The subject areas for which scholarships are announced can be found in the announcement on the homepage of the University of Rostock. In General, one third of all scholarships are not tied to a specific subject area.


Application for a scholarship

The application deadline for the winter semester 2021/2022 was on the 29th of August 2021. All applications were handed to the respective faculties und granted/denied from the Stipendienauswahlausschuss. As of the 1st of December 2021, 59 scholarships were granted for students of the University of Rostock starting with the winter semester 2021/22.

The next period for sending an application will presumably be in august of 2022.

Overview of the application process

The University of Rostock conducts a decentralised pre-selection procedure:

1. online application

2. after the application deadline, the applications are forwarded to the respective faculties

3. the faculties prepare funding proposals and a series decision for the award committee (Stipendienauswahlahuss)

4) The scholarship selection committee evaluates the proposals and determines which applicants will receive funding.

5. all applicants are informed in writing about the award decision.

The awarding of the German scholarships at the University of Rostock takes place once a year, in the winter semester. The result of the selection decision is communicated after the end of the selection process, usually at the end of October.

Application documents

Those interested in a scholarship must submit the following documents online:

1. a motivational letter describing why you are applying for a scholarship.
   (max. two DIN A4 pages, 1.5 line spacing, Arial, font size 12)

2. a current curriculum vitae in table form

3. the certificate of higher education entrance qualification; in the case of foreign certificates, a translation that can be transferred to the German system and converted to the German grading system

4. if applicable, proof of a special qualification which entitles the applicant to study in the respective degree programme at the University of Rostock,

5. if applicable, internship and work references as well as proof of special awards and prizes, other knowledge and further commitment,

6. bank details

Additional information for students in higher semesters

Students in higher semesters who are interested in a scholarship must also submitproof of academic achievements to date.

Additional information for Master's students

Scholarship applicants who are already studying for a Master's degree or who are applying for a Master's place must also submit their first degree certificate and, if applicable, other certificates of academic achievement in accordance with the admission and selection regulations for the Master's degree programme.

All documents can be summarised in one pdf file.


Extension requests

Upon application, the award of the Deutschlandstipendium may be extended, provided that the legal and statutory requirements for continued funding are met. The deadline for submitting the application for an extension, including the proof of talent and performance submitted by then, is 31 July of the current year. The continued award of the scholarship is subject to sufficient private and public scholarship funds being available for the subsequent award period.

The application includes:

1. a brief description of your further personal development since the award of the scholarship, related to your studies, including special personal or family circumstances, if applicable (one A4 page)

2. an informal, short written report on the development of your personal and professional competencies from a teacher with whom you have taken at least one examination (1-2 A4 pages; the examination does not have to have been taken in the current semester).

3. certificates of achievements during your studies (in particular examinations, internships, stays abroad, excursions), which provide information on the quality of the achievements.)

4. a certificate of study for the current semester

5. a current correspondence address and valid bank account details.

If you exceed your standard period of study in the requested funding period, please submit an informal written application with reasons at the same time as the application for extension.

The application for extension must be sent by e-mail ( by 31 July of the current year and must be accompanied by complete documentation.

If you should complete your Bachelor's degree within the current funding period and wish to continue your studies in the Master's programme at the University of Rostock and obtain funding from the Deutschlandstipendium for this purpose, you must submit a new application in the regular application procedure (via the online portal). Please use the login data from your first application (if still available). An extension application cannot be submitted in this case.

Our sponsors

Many thanks to all those who supported the students of our university with a Deutschlandstipendium in the academic year 2020/2021!

apoBank-Stiftung Gesellschaft für Gesundheit und Pädagogik mbH
Brinkmann GmbH GICON - Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH
Centogene GmbH Hilfsfonds der Lions-Freunde Rostock e.V.
Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH INNOMAR Technologie GmbH
CORTRONIK GmbH Metallbau Kettner GmbH
Creditreform Mecklenburg-Vorpommern von der Decken KG Miltenyi Biotec B. V. & Co. KG
Debeka-Landesgeschäftsstelle Schwerin Neptun Ship Design GmbH
Dentallabor Güstrow MV GmbH OstseeSparkasse Rostock
Die Rostocker Wurst- & Schinkenspezialitäten GmbH Peene-Werft
E.W. Kuhlmann-Stiftung RO-DENT Rostocker Dentallabor GmbH
ECOVIS Grieger Mallison Management AG Sana Krankenhaus Bad Doberan GmbH
ENEX Finanzpartner und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH SEAR GmbH
eno energy GmbH Sigi und Hans Meder Stiftung
Evonik Stiftung Stadtwerke Rostock AG
Gecko mbH WIRO Wohnen in Rostock Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH
Gesellschaft der Förderer der Universität Rostock e.V. WEMAG AG


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