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The Deutschlandstipendium of the Federal Government is a national scholarship programme that supports particularly talented and high-achieving students at universities in Germany. The University of Rostock has been participating in this initiative since the winter semester 2011/2012.

The Deutschlandstipendium supports students whose career path leads them to expect outstanding achievements in their studies and career. In addition to special successes at school and/or university, possible award criteria for a Deutschlandstipendium include the willingness to take on responsibility in the social environment as well as overcoming biographical obstacles, e.g. those caused by one's origins. The scholarships, which amount to 300 euros per month, are financed in equal parts by private sponsors (companies, associations and private individuals) and the Federal Government.

Further information from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research can be found here.

The private scholarship donors can express wishes as to the subject areas in which the donated scholarship should preferably be awarded. Therefore, the German scholarships are distributed differently among the faculties. The subject areas for which scholarships are announced can be found in the announcement on the homepage of the University of Rostock. In General, one third of all scholarships are not tied to a specific subject area.


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