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Application for Students & Study Applicants

With the beginning of this winter term 2017/18 the University of Rostock provides again scholarships for talented and dedicated students with the Deutschlandstipendium.

At this stage (03.08.2017) 59 scholarships will be allocated. This number will be updated constantly in case the amount of sponsors and scholarships changes. For this program all talented students can apply whose personal and educational background suggests outstanding success during the time of study and later on in life. The funding is 300€ each month. The scholarships will be initially awarded for two semesters. It presupposes that the applicant is/will be enrolled at the University of Rostock during the winter term 2017/2018 and does at least have two more semesters to finish his/her study. Unfortunately PhD students cannot be taken into consideration.

23 scholarships are not bound to a specific field of study and will be partial given to students of all faculties.

10 scholarships are bound to STEM- students from non-academic families. (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

26 scholarships are dedicated to specific faculties:
- Faculty of Technology (7 scholarships)
- Faculty of Engineering (7 scholarships)
- Faculty of arts/philosophy (3 scholarships)
- Faculty of economics and social science (5 scholarships)
- Faculty of medicine (4 scholarships)

You have to apply online.

The online application will be from 07.08.2017 – 06.09.2017 (deadline 11:59 pm):

A proper application includes two necessary steps:
- an online application via the “mpuls_S” server
- the signed "Bewerbungsvereinbarung" (hard copy) is to be submitted on schedule

Both steps are essential for an application to be taken into consideration!

The following documents need to be uploaded online until 06.09.2017:
1. A motivational letter (two DIN A4 pages max., 1.5 line spacing, Arial, font size 12)
2. Personal data sheet (CV)
3. A university entrance certificate. Foreign certificates need to be translated according to the German system and the grades need to be converted to the German grading system.
4. Students of higher semester have to hand in the proof of academic achievements
5. Master students have to submit in their first university certificate and (if applicable) proof of academic achievements according to the requirements of the master program.
6. (if applicable) the proof of a special qualification that led to the admission of study at the University of Rostock
7. (if applicable) certificate of employment and internships as well as awards, prices or other skills.
8. Bank account details. The decision of the allocation will be done as quickly as possible.

Important: Students who already receive funding do not apply online. Please submit an application for extension.

You will find all necessary documents on your scholarship notification (Stipendienbescheid).

You will find more important information in the pdf file “Important Information”.

Important Information

The Deutschlandstipendium is financed half by private sponsors and the other half by the government. The scholarship does not interfere with BAföG funding.

A legal claim of the allocation of the Deutschlandstipendium is impossible. You will find the selection criteria and more details about the selection procedure in §5 par. 6.

Information regarding exclusion of the scholarship are listed in §9 of the constitution from 25 of May 2011 “Satzung der Universität Rostock über die Vergabe von Deutschland-Stipendien”.

Information about data privacy

Your personal data will be kept in confidence and will be used for selective purposes of the Deutschlandstipendium only. Legal basis is §10 of the Stipendienprogramm-Gesetzes (StipG). According to this, applicants have to submit all records of achievements and proofs of suitability in order to prove their data. Which data you will submit is up to you: Tell us what makes you being qualified for the Deutschlandstipendium.

We are aware of the fact, that the information we will receive are highly confidential (e.g. sickness, migrant background). Your data will be treated confidential and be protected, in corporation with our IT-Service, with the latest safety measures.

Statistic/Evaluation anonymization

According to §13 of the Stipendienprogramm-Gesetzes (StipG) we are committed to convey scholar data to the “Statistische Landessamt”, in order to create federal statistics. Therefore they use pseudonym and no names.

Contact to sponsors

Sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium set great value upon getting to know the scholarship holder they fund. Often they would like them to attend events or offer them internships. This contact is only possible when you agree on sharing your data with your sponsor. But this decision is up to you. Please keep in mind, that you sponsor will take part in the decision of a possible extension of your scholarship.  


 Satzung über die Vergabe der Deutschlandstipendien an der Universität Rostock

 Änderung zur Satzung über die Vergabe der Deutschlandstipendien an der Universität Rostock

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FAQs - Frequently asked Questions
General information regarding the Deutschlandstipendium

General information regarding the Deutschlandstipendium

What is the Deutschlandstipendium?

The Deutschlandstipendium programme provides support to talented and high-achieving students at public and staterecognised institutions of higher education in Germany.

This is how the Deutschlandstipendium works: Scholarship support for recipients is €300 per month. One half is pledged by private sponsors, and the other half comes from the Federal Government.

Who can participate?

  • Students of any nationalities
  • in addition to a top academic record, the criteria for a scholarship award include social commitment and special personal achievements, such as a student overcoming challenges or obstacles in his or her educational career -the application is not possible for PhD students

How high is he scholarship support?

Scholarship support for recipients is €300 per month.

How long do students receive funding?

Funding is normally granted for at least two semesters but may be provided for a maximum time which covers the standard period of study.

How does the selection procedure, (regarding the scholars), work?

The selection procedure is determined and announced by the universities. Solely the universities are responsible for the selection decision.

Who is the contact person at the University of Rostock?

Christin Behrendt
Tel.: +49 381- 498- 1252

Is it possible receive government grant (BAföG) and to earn a Deutschlandstipendium?

Yes, the Deutschlandstipendium is a supplementing.