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Anti-discrimination and Diversity

Anti-discrimination for our university means that all members, regardless of their personal requirements, can participate in everyday university life in an equal way. The aim is to create an inclusive educational, research and working climate in which cultural and social origins, gender and sexual orientation as well as physical abilities do not form any barriers to entry. Diversity management supports the University of Rostock in dealing sensitively and constructively with diversity, identifying risks of exclusion and countering existing discrimination and reducing existing disadvantages.

Various projects and measures have been implemented at the University of Rostock in order to promote a diversity-oriented development of the university and to implement the guidelines for diversity management. The aim is to establish a non-discriminatory university culture and to make the study and working conditions fair for all current and future members of the University of Rostock.

Below you will find an overview of measures and offers at the University of Rostock

Measures at the University of Rostock