Interdisciplinary and International Research

Interdisciplinary Faculty (INF)

In the Interdisciplinary Faculty, the various scientific disciplines merge and take on the original subjects’ boundaries in a close dialogue with each other. The basis of intensive cooperation is outlined in the following future-oriented profiles: 

The interdisciplinary approach to these areas of complex issues offers research opportunities across national borders and creates the conditions for the development of new perspectives, content and technology.

Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy is a central service facility with the task of optimally promoting graduate students and post doctorate students. It acts as an advisory and information center and has the goal of improvement of individual scientific supervision of doctoral students.
The Graduate Academy funds participation in training courses at the Graduate Academy and other facilities of the University and allows an intensive scientific exchange in a network of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

EU-funded Programmes

The University of Rostock sees Europe as not only an area of economic development, but also as a research area and participates in a variety of EU-funded projects: